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IDLife is a health and wellness company based out of Frisco, TX. From custom vitamins to fitness supplements, they strive to create products that are custom designed for the user. When creating supplements and programs that promote a healthier lifestyle, IDLife favors scientific studies and research to help guide their process.


my ROLE: Director / Art Director / Photographer


IDLife was a two year startup when I began helping build their visual identity, there was a lack of brand awareness within the health/wellness community and their identity was not consistent. In order to maintain a consistent visual identity I used different shades of blues, grays, and white within the visuals. That color combination evoked feelings of good health, quality pharmaceutical, cleanliness, and trustworthiness. When deciding how most of the products were going to be captured, I chose a studio look to enhance the clean vibe that the brand wanted to portray. The studio product photography was later used in the product catalog, website, social media, and digital/print ads.

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Implementing branded content into a third party magazine from SUCCESS Partners helped IDLife reach a substantial amount of new ideal target market customers. We paired the studio photography with contrasting typography to maintain a fluid visual identity. The influencer marketing images that we captured with Pudge Rodriguez, Jen Widerstrom, and Troy Aikman were used for the cover.

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IDLife needed a brand video that could play on their website and social. I chose to craft a piece around their most popular weight loss program. I wanted the vibe to feel authentic. I also wanted to set IDLife apart by creating a piece that inserted the products and the program in every day life without spoon-feeding the audience. In order to make the content real and relatable, I had the main actress go through everyday struggles during a weight loss program, because staying consistent with a weight loss program is not easy. A natural vibe was implemented by choosing a minimalistic looking home, picking talent that came across as relaxed, art directing products/colors in the shot without it dominating the frame, and inserting the IDLife brand without it feeling forced.

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digital & print product ads

Studio photography was integrated into the ads to add more depth within the content vs using flat vector renders. These ads were also a part of social media content and a catalog that helped customers understand the products and services IDLife offered. The ads were made very simplistic and clean to maintain the visual identity.

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Influencer marketing helped bring more awareness to the IDLife brand within the health, wellness, and fitness space. This marketing tactic is really starting to become more effective because people lean more on word of mouth and culture validation to make purchase decisions these days. Some of the images taken with the influencers were also used in an assortment of IDLife's marketing materials.

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