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be golden

The #BeGolden campaign is a rally cry for the community to unite under the Golden Rule and remember to practice it every day. It’s a message of unity, civility and empathy. We want to remind people that immigration isn’t merely a political or legal issue, it’s a human issue. -- After creating a dynamic brand we were able to get city officials, religious leaders, and businesses to rally and give the #BeGolden campaign tremendous momentum throughout North Texas. The campaign got the Mayor’s Office to implement #BeGolden as a cornerstone of the City’s Welcoming Program, several DISD schools to add #BeGolden to their class projects, and other cities to adopt #BeGolden as part of their community outreach programs. A notion as simple as The Golden Rule was able to open people’s hearts and embrace what brings us together, rather than focus on what sets us apart.

Agency // LERMA & Furia

My Role // Sr. Art Director

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