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barcel usa & warner bros.

Barcel USA, the makers of Takis, were gearing up to launch a new chip product. This product is called WATZ, a unique shaped chip with bold flavor. As a product that was directly competing with Cheetos within the 8 to 13 target market age range, the creative needed to be fun and whacky. We created a series of themes and characters to apply to the packaging. These characters would not only accommodate the packaging, but would serve as personalities for kids to interact with throughout the whole campaign. -- We also partnered with Warner Brothers Pictures to help tie in WATZ with the release of SHAZAM, a film geared to a younger audience.

Agency // LERMA

My Role // Sr. Art Director

Amp it up key visual.png
Fuego Flame2.png
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shock things up - final final.png
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SHOCK Vertical Poster.png
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Fuego Social Poster.png
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